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you only you chapter 4

I'm back for another chapter I feel bad about leaving you on a cliffhanger...anyways I do not own torchwood Ect. RTD is a very lucky man. note: my writing style has changed In this </p>

I hit the floor with a thud unresponsive and unconscious.

Tosh runs over frantically   calling for owen. jack hangs his head out of his office door "hey kids what's with all..." his sentence is cut short as he spies me on the floor toshiko fussing over me.

Owen scoops me up from the floor and carries me to the med bay hooking me up to IV lines and taking a number of blood samples.

Tosh stays by by side and jack runs down from his office holding my hand and stroking my hair not caring about the looks from tosh and owen. however he didn't see the smirk lighting up Gwen Cooper face.


Owen scuttles about trying to make himself look busy whilst he waits for my blood results.

nobody has ever seen jack like this before, so panicky, so flustered, so...scared. then they notice the ring...

tosh and Owen gasp in sync. "is that, from ianto?" tosh meets jacks eye and jack nods in reply. "im so sorry"

Gwens face drops. "he can't be, jacks supposed to be mine and ill do anything to make that happen, anything"

Iantos body shakes and sweats. his body temperature raising rapidly.

jack presses a cold wet cloth to my brow and Owen puts ice packs around my body invaluable desperate attempt to keep me cool.

"oh god" jacks grip tightens around my hand desperately trying to hold on.

"hes been poisoned. his brain activity is decreasing rapidly and even if we find an antidote he could be paralysed" Owen rests his hand on jacks shoulder.

"do anything and everything you can, I can't lose him Owen not yet its too soon...its too soon" tears fall down his cheeks and tosh hugs him close

"we'll find out how this happened and how to fix this, he's our friend and I don't want to lose him"

his breathing becomes more shallow desperate for oxygen as an angry rash spreads across him.



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torchwood ianto jones jack harkness

you only you- chapter two

ill link my chapters soon in the meantime feel free to follow me @rhiannon_tweets. its a slow start and ill change my writing style. I'm just experimenting


I do not own torchwood


I run my fingers through your hair as you lay asleep next to me. you're so relaxed so calm, so beautiful

Collapse )

your baby blue eyes open and look up at me still a little misty from sleep. I smile when you reach up planting a kiss on my lips
"morning cariad"
you smile and pull me close as we celebrate our engagement.




we work hard throughout the day sharing little glances across the hub.


"will you two pack it in"


Owen harper, I smile, there's nothing like winding up our resident doctor. you laugh and I cherish the sweet sound of your happiness.


its bot until lunch until they notice. tosh hugs us both and gwen sits skeptical but I can see they're both plotting and planning already. own just laughs but I can see he's happy for us too. you finish your coffee and we get called out.


after hours of collecting space junk you take my hand and lead us out to the bay.


the atmosphere is chilly and I snuggle as you wrap your warm comforting arms around me and we watch the Irish sea gently crashing against the bed of the bay




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"Challenge" 31

Challenge 31: Crime
War crimes, crimes against alien species, a crime against humanity. Petty crime, major crime. Vandalism, theft, murder. A personal crime against oneself.


Fortune, beetle, cliff, geometry, fall.
(choose 3)
“It isn't easy to do."
There's a storm over the bay.
“Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.” – Chekov
(choose one)
Jack Harkness, Jack- intense

Regrets, Time, and Everything in Between- Jack Harkness and the 11th Doctor, PG

Title: Regrets, Time, and Everything in Between
Summary: He understood of course. It was far more important for the Doctor to put the safety of the entire Universe over the eminent destruction of Jack's personal universe. But just because he understood didn't mean that he had to be happy about it.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Reference to canon character deaths
Characters: Jack Harkness and the 11th Doctor
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood, Doctor Who, or any of the characters associated with either television series.
Spoilers: Specific references to the events of Torchwood: Children of Earth and Series 5 of Doctor Who.
Word Count: 1,316
Author's Notes: This story has been written for Challenge #30 at redisourcolor. Thank you to sariagray for being a wonderfully generous mod and giving me permission to post this story for the community in light of the new temporary format. I hope you enjoy it.

Regrets, Time, and Everything In Between
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"Challenge" #30

Challenge 30:


fibrous, blanch, heart, blade, trickle
(choose minimum three)


“Leave it. Walk away.”
It was inevitable.
“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.” – Arthur Miller
(choose minimum one)

(New prompt next Monday!)
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Temporary Change

Hi all!

I know everyone's been busy. It's the summer. Other things are going on (LAS, a collaboration fest, everyone fleeing to the shiny Sherlock and The Avengers fandoms, etc.). Your office is implementing a new database/operational system and everything is going to pieces (*cough cough*). Life is happening.

So! In the interest of not losing this community, and providing interested writers with prompts, we are going to put this community on a semi-hiatus.

This means that, for the next few weeks (depending on interest), redisourcolor is going to post prompts every Monday. The prompts will follow the same layout they do now, alternating picture and theme prompts, using words and quotes. However! There will be no time limit to write and no voting.

To make this a little more interesting, again depending on interest/number of responses, I may post a full voting list at the end before switching back to our normal operations. This list will compile all entries between this coming Monday until the end of the semi-hiatus. The author of the winning story will get a prize! Of something! As yet to be determined!

(This is not a definite thing - as I said, I need to see how this goes. We are in the experimental stage right now! Either way, please continue to post your stories to this comm!)

The first prompt of this period will be on Monday, May 26.

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Challenge 29

Challenge 29: Rivalry
Two alien factions fighting over supremacy, and Earth is going to be the conquest that settles their score. Interpersonal professional rivalry between the team – maybe a new member joins. Romantic rivalries (I don’t think I need to spell those possibilities out for you, do I? THERE ARE SO MANY). The rivalries in a character’s own mind, between different aspects of personality/desires/hatreds/etc.


Latent, geometric, sentiment, halt, dampen.
(choose 3)
“I want to know what happened to the bomb in the first place.”
Death is peculiar.
“We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory, and our great tragedy.” – A Game of Thrones, Martin
(choose one)

All fics due by May 18th, 1900 EST.

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Voting Round 28

We only have two entries this round, so we will only have one overall winner.


House Call To Purgatory by tardisjournal
Set Darkness In Your Veins by qafkinnetic

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House Call To Purgatory by tardisjournal
Set Darkness In Your Veins by qafkinnetic

Voting will close at 1900 EST on Monday, May 7.